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Hidden parameters of slot machines
Hidden parameters of slot machines On our website there are hidden parameters of each of the NetЕnt slot machines. For example, the following information is available for the Blood Suckers slot machine:

Return of the money to the player – 98%. Of which: in the main game – 52%, for free spins – 12.1%, for payments of scatter symbols – 13%, for payments in the bonus game 20.1%.
The probability of winning in the current spin (including scatter symbols) is 46.4%. The profit on each line is 42.9%. Each win with scatter symbols is 6.1%.
The probability of three or more scatter symbols falling out and starting the free spins is 0.5%.
The probability of a bonus game is 2.1%.
The maximum win is 90,000 coins.
The cycle length is short. That means you’ll win often, but not much.
Variance of profits very small.
Tester’s recommendations are positive.
The test sensitivity in demo mode is high.
RTP in 98% enables you to have a positive mathematical expectation. This parameter determines whether it is possible to win games of chance using mathematics.
Recommended nominal value of the bet in steps of 10: 0.1 €, 1 €, 10 €.
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You can find such information (where it is provided) on every Netent slot. Other manufacturers’ games are displayed without the likelihood that bonus games will be dropped and the distribution of bets. Use these mathematical calculations to determine the fair value of bets and to increase your chances of winning big.

Recommendations for individual games
Recommendations for individual games. After doing a lot of real money spins, you can see some features of the video slot’s behaviour. There can be several scatter symbols in a row before the bonus game or wild symbols are activated in certain positions. Such little things will only become clear after a large number of revolutions. This information gives you an advantage. Examples of such observations are the following video slots: